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Our Purpose and Values

A shared passion for progress is at the heart of everything we do at Grafton. From our constant focus on innovating for our customers, to our deep commitment to developing our people and keeping everyone safe; from the entrepreneurial spirit that powers our growth to the strategic approach that delivers strong value for our shareholders; progress in all its forms makes us what we are. This ambitious outlook and passion for progress guides our strategy and how we build our wider relationships. It's who we are. That’s why our purpose is “Building Progress Together” and this is supported by our five core values.​


As individuals, teams, businesses, and as a whole Group, we’re always ambitious for success. By striving to always do things better tomorrow than we did today we can be the first choice for our customers, for investors and for people who want a brilliant place to work. Ultimately we want to be leaders in what we do. We want to be number one.

​Value our People

Our teams are our greatest asset, and across the Group we will always support, protect and develop them. We are a company where people are recognised, remembered, and respected. People feel proud to work here, and valued for what they do. Every one of us has the opportunity to grow our skills and career.

​Sustainable, Trustworthy and Responsible

We all know the difference between right and wrong. The Group leadership team sets the right example with a transparent, ethical approach, and our colleagues back us up all the way – they earn the trust of customers, colleagues and communities and shareholders alike, by doing the right thing. Our sustainability strategy demonstrates our commitment to conducting our business in a socially responsible and ethical way. Our honesty is matched by our reliable products, support and advice.

​Be Brilliant for our Customers

​It’s as simple as that. Doing a brilliant job for them is what makes us what we are. We build a loyal customer base by building strong relationships, listening to their needs, getting them what they want, exceeding their expectations, making the interaction easy and sending them home happy. And they know they can rely on us to do this time after time after time.

​Entrepreneurial and Empowering

We trust our people to take ownership, and to play their part in improving performance, seizing opportunities and adding value. The best ideas in our business come from the people that see our customers every day and it’s those new ideas that help us to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.