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Grafton is an international trade focused, multi-channel distributor of construction products. The success of the business is based on the quality of the products it distributes and the quality of the service it provides to its customers. The Group aims to build on its leading market positions in the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and Finland and to grow internationally in distribution and related markets.

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Latest Vacancies

Working at Grafton Group

  • Dave Fowell
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    ​Right from the first interview, I knew CPI was going to be an outstanding company to work for and since I started in 2018 I still feel the same. CPI operates with a positive attitude and a DNA of growth, employee wellbeing and strong values. As a plant manager, the role gives me daily challenges and the chance to work with some exceptional people. Throughout CPI there is respect, care and colleagues listen, these qualities flow through at all levels.

    Dave Fowell

    Plant Manager , CPI EuroMix

  • Alanna Lambie
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    ​Working at Woodie’s has been and continues to be an outstanding experience. I began my Woodie’s journey in November 2015 working as a part time Store Colleague while in college. Over the years I have seen Woodie’s continue to grow as a company and invest in their colleague’s development. In 2021 I was offered the opportunity to join the HR Team in the Support Office on an internship that led to the progression of a full-time permanent position. I am looking forward to progressing within the company and to see what the future holds for my Woodie’s journey.

    Alanna Lambie

    HR Administrator , Woodie's

  • Binish Kiyani
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    ​I joined Grafton Group in 2019 as a temporary HR Services Assistant. I love working for Grafton and the fact that I was given an opportunity to join the organisation despite my 7 year gap on my resume due to raising my family speaks volumes about the organisation! Every day brings forth a new challenge and in the process, I have had opportunities to learn a lot and improve my skills along the way. I find Grafton Group very accommodating to working moms which is a plus for me. The work environment is friendly and you will find everyone willing to help, guide and support you every step of the way.

    Binish Kiyani

    HR Services Assistant , Grafton Group plc

  • Darryl Wilson
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    ​I have worked within Grafton since 1997 progressing and being promoted through many fantastic positions.  I get excited everyday about work; you just do not know what you will be hit with as every phone call, every customer meeting, and every email is different. As a salesperson, the buzz of progressing long-term customer relationships, building trust, and winning orders always ignites the flames, while learning new skillsets like working with credit control gives total satisfaction – the old saying “it's not a sale until it's been paid for” springs to mind.

    Darryl Wilson

    Business Development Manager , Civils & Lintels

  • Holly Collins
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    I began working at Leyland at the beginning of July 2020, joining right in the middle of the pandemic, which was certainly unchartered territory. But very quickly I started to love my job, working as a store supervisor in the Putney store. I was surrounded by a very supportive network of people who would help me develop and further prepare me for what was to come next – a fantastic offer of running my own store in Chiswick – which of course I graciously accepted. ​I absolutely love my role as a store manager, it’s always a new adventure everyday and no two days are the same in such a busy, fast-paced energetic environment that’s thriving. I continuously keep colleagues on their toes, thinking on their feet and engaged in every aspect of their role, encouraging initiative, creativity and drive. I’m looking forward to my next adventure with Leyland SDM. 

    Holly Collins

    Store Manager , Leyland SDM

  • Sanj Singh
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    ​I’ve just been promoted to Trade Sales Supervisor in our Milton Keynes Branch and worked at Selco since 2018. I am genuinely grateful to be a part of this organisation. Selco has given me the opportunity to progress and build a career by training me in various skills and allowing me to participate in the Bronze Rising Star course which has assisted me in my promotion. I love how this job fosters support from my team of colleagues and managers, the relationships we have built with our ever-growing customers and the fact that Selco really cares and values their colleagues. I am privileged to be associated with a company that recognises and appreciates hard work and personal career growth.

    Sanj Singh

    Trade Sales Supervisor , Selco Builders Warehouse

  • Laura Hyland
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    In my role as Assistant Accountant, I get to work with many colleagues from various departments. Since I started in 2019, all my colleagues have made me feel very welcome and after a short period of time, I felt very much part of the team. I enjoy learning the different aspects of working in a manufacturing company where we are encouraged and supported in career progression and professional development. 

    Laura Hyland

    Assistant Accountant , MFP

  • Euan McCallum
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    ​I have been an Operations Coordinator at CPI EuroMix since 2019. When I joined the company I was welcomed by everyone and it is a friendly working environment. I have felt fully valued and supported and had the opportunity to develop and progress professionally. This has been made possible by the management team allowing me to have an impact on the operating procedures, whilst involving me in a number of projects and service contracts working with International companies. Operations allows me to be involved with so many different areas of the company at once, the opportunities to grow are endless!

    Euan McCallum

    Operations Coordinator , CPI EuroMix

  • Russell East
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    ​I work in the Group’s Internal Audit team. I joined Grafton at the start of 2019 having worked previously for companies in the construction, utilities, housebuilding and education industries. I enjoy working at Grafton for the varied work that I get to do and that I get an opportunity to contribute towards improving the business. I really enjoy building new relationships with colleagues and working together to solve the different challenges each day brings.

    Russell East

    Internal Auditor , Grafton Group plc

  • Maxwell Squire
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    I have been with Buildbase since 2016. I started at Lincoln Buildbase in the Timber Mill, I spent 2 years there and now I have been on the AX project for 3 and a half years, assisting our branches in the North region. This involves training branches and supporting the branches after they have gone live onto AX which is our new sales system. What I enjoy about working at Buildbase is the teams, support and opportunities available here. Buildbase have always supported me in my career and development. I had the opportunity to go to Tanzania with Buildbase for 7 weeks and it was the best thing I’ve done and I’m so pleased I got that opportunity. There are so many opportunities to develop your career and learn new skills.

    Maxwell Squire

    Subject Matter Expert , Buildbase

  • Fiona Bye
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    ​I have been with Grafton Group since 2015 and I am PA to the Group Internal Audit and Business Risk Director.  What makes Grafton a great company to work for are firstly the great team that I work closely with, including the wider team, and secondly Grafton’s work ethics and values. I enjoy my role very much and the diversity of it, as no two days are ever the same!  It’s great working for a company that has a positive working environment. 

    Fiona Bye

    Personal Assistant , Grafton Group plc

  • Maurice Righarts
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    I started working at Isero in September 2016. I’ve always been fascinated by the construction industry. Therefore I’m so excited I now work, with passion and fun, as a senior account manager in our Key Accounts team. I want to keep on learning and developing myself. Isero supports me by providing education, training and learning on the job, ever since the first day I started working. I started my career at Isero without experience in construction. Thanks to the learning environment, support and curiosity I developed as I did. My experienced colleagues are always available for questions and I’ve learned that working at Isero is always about teamwork. To add to that our interesting customers and the excellent products and services we sell, make Isero a great company to work!

    Maurice Righarts

    Account Manager , Isero

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